WageGuard Income Protection Insurance

WageGuard Administration


WageGuard is administered by U-Cover who will:

  • arrange Your registration as a Participating Employer;
  • arrange the registration of Your employees;
  • collect, allocate and remit insurance premiums;
  • distribute and process all the relevant documentation necessary in arranging and administering Your insurance including but not limited to Monthly Premium Statements, receipts for payment of premiums, distribution to You of disclosure documentation such as a PDS and a copy of the Master Policy;
  • provide You with specific advice regarding the Master Policy if requested;
  • manage and administer applications for claims;
  • manage and administer the ongoing claims process;
  • process payments for claims including the management and remittance of applicable taxes and any other statutory requirements;
  • issue PAYG summaries to claimants that have received benefits directly from Us;
  • maintain and improve the technology used to administer WageGuard; and
  • provide all necessary assistance to Participating Employers and Insured Persons.