WageGuard Income Protection Insurance

What Are The Obligations Of A Participating Employer?


You are required to nominate all eligible employees to be insured by WageGuard and make the premium payments when they fall due.

You must also provide us with payroll information for each eligible employee each month. U-Cover will use this information to produce Your WageGuard Monthly Premium Statement.

You must pay 100% of each Insured Person’s premium and You must insure all of Your employees who meet the eligibility criteria.

We may terminate cover if the payment of an installment (monthly) premium remains unpaid for more than 30 days after the due date.

On acceptance of cover, eligible employees will become Insured Persons of WageGuard. You must also inform U-Cover of any changes to an Insured Person’s information that You previously provided. You can do this by amending the information set out in Your WageGuard Monthly Premium Statement and returning a copy to U-Cover.

If an Insured Person is on claim and may be able to return to work, You must help Us get the Insured Person back to work.