Wageguard Income Protection Insurance

When Does Cover Commence?


Eligible Employees

To become an Insured Person, an employee must be an Australian Resident not less than 15 years of age or over age 70, gainfully employed by a Participating Employer and covered under an EA or other approved industrial or employment agreement.

Employees over the age of 65 years are not eligible for Sickness cover, but can receive all other Wageguard benefits up to the age of 70 years.

When Does Cover For Your Eligible Employees Commence?

Eligible employees who are employed by You on the date You are accepted as a Participating Employer are covered from that date. Eligible employees who commence employment after that date are covered from the date they commence employment. In both circumstances it is a condition of cover that You nominate all eligible employees when providing monthly payroll information to U-Cover and that You pay the corresponding premium by the due date.