Wageguard Income Protection Insurance

When Does Cover Cease?


Ceasing To Be A Participating Employer

If You no longer wish to be a participating employer You may terminate the cover at any time by advising U-Cover in writing. If cover ceases, You must still submit final monthly payroll information following the termination of cover and U-Cover will use this information to calculate Your final premium payment.

When Does Cover For Your Insured Employees Cease?

Cover in respect of an insured employee shall cease on the earliest of:

  1. the Insured Person is no longer eligible for cover;
  2. for Injury and death cover, when the Insured Person reaches age 70;
  3. for Sickness cover, when the Insured Person reaches age 70;
  4. the Insured Person dies;
  5. the Policy is terminated. In all cases, insurance cover for each participating employer is subject to the terms and conditions of the Policy;
  6. the Insured Person ceases to be employed by the Participating Employer,or the extended between job cover period has expired, if applicable;
  7. the employer of the insured employee ceases to be a Participating Employer;
  8. 30 days after the date premiums in respect of the Insured Person are due and still remain unpaid by the participating employer.