WageGuard Income Protection Insurance

About WageGuard


WageGuard is a special purpose life insurance product. WageGuard is purchased by employers in various industries for their employees who are employed under an industrial agreement, usually an Enterprise Agreement (EA).

WageGuard provides a replacement income for employees who cannot work at full capacity or at all due to Sickness or Injury. The income insured by WageGuard is the employee’s average income over the past 12 months and includes overtime and allowances paid to the employee. The level of income WageGuard replaces is in accordance with the level of cover You have purchased and is specified on Your Monthly Premium Statement.

WageGuard provides additional cover such as a $20,000 death cover for an Insured Person, a $5,000 death cover for the Insured Person’s Spouse, Homemaker’s Assistance, rehabilitation assistance and return to work assistance.

WageGuard covers an Insured Person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world.


To find out more about WageGuard please view the WageGuard quick menu to the right, download a copy of the PDS or Contact UCover.